Building Brighter Futures, One At A Time

The reality for those facing family law matters like divorce and child custody is that they may be facing the toughest experiences they have ever had to go through. When your life is being redefined by legal processes and the court is part of that process, it can feel like you have no control.

Working With The Right Lawyer Makes A Difference

You do have control. We can help you understand what you can do to build the future you want. We offer our assistance on a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce — Make the most out of the opportunities the divorce process presents by working with a skilled family law attorney.
  • Child custody — We can help you fight to protect your relationship with your child whether your child custody determination is part of a divorce or a standalone proceeding.
  • Child supportFair child support obligations help everyone involved find financial stability.
  • Alimony — Whether you are pursuing or opposing spousal support, we can help you build the strong case you deserve.
  • Parental relocation — When a custodial parent wants to move away, it can have a major impact on the child's life. We can advocate for the right to relocate as well as build strong cases opposing parental relocation.
  • Modification and enforcement — When your family court order needs to be modified or enforced, we can help the court understand what needs to be done and why.
  • Domestic violence/restraining orders — We represent people who need the protection of a restraining order as well as those who have been unfairly accused. Our understanding of the issues that surround domestic violence and what is necessary to secure or oppose a restraining order allow us to offer our clients real help they can depend on.
  • Emancipation — Children are not automatically emancipated at 18 years of age. This can create problems regarding child support. We can help.

Family Law And Divorce Lawyers Serving Cinnaminson And Throughout New Jersey

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