Protecting Your Child's Best Interests During Custody Disputes

If you are getting divorced and need to i-childcustodyestablish parenting time or if you are not married, but would like a parenting time agreement to protect or enforce the rights of both parties, experienced attorney James Fridie can help.

Fridie Law Group L.L.C. works with parents throughout Camden, Burlington County, and central and southern New Jersey to create child custody and parenting time arrangements that protect the best interests of the children and the parental rights of both parties. New Jersey family law attorney James Fridie knows this can be an emotional time, but he works closely with his clients to help create the best solutions for their situation.

Understanding Legal and Physical Custody

Many people who contact the firm do not have a good understanding of the differences between legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to decision-making about important parts of the child's upbringing, including health care, school and religion. Physical custody refers to where the child actually lives. James Fridie helps individuals understand the connection between custody and visitation, explaining how much parenting time each party may be awarded.

Parental Relocation

Sometimes adults are forced to relocate to find employment. It is important to know that you cannot simply relocate if you are dissatisfied with your current location. James Fridie helps individuals understand what they must show the courts if they want to relocate. If you do not have a good reason to move, the court can deny that request, and James Fridie can help you understand your chances in litigation.

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