Your Financial Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Child Support

Raising kids is expensive. In addition to the i-childsupport day-to-day expenses of food and clothing, children also need health care, insurance and day care. When both parents are working together to meet a child's financial demands, it is easy to overlook the actual amount of money being spent. During a divorce, many parents are surprised to learn how much child support they will be expected to pay or how much they should be receiving.

If you are trying to determine appropriate child support payments, working with an experienced child support attorney can help ensure that your financial rights are protected throughout the process. Fridie Law Group L.L.C. works with individuals throughout Camden, Burlington County, and central and southern New Jersey to resolve child support and other family matters.

Factors in Child Support Determinations

One of the most common questions people have is with regard to how child support is determined. Child support is based on several factors, including:

  • The incomes of both parties
  • The amount of parenting time with each party
  • The number of other dependents
  • The cost of health care and insurance

Child Support Modifications

If you lost your job or there has been another substantial change of circumstances since the child support order was entered, your payments can be modified to reflect your current situation.

Learn More About Child Support

Attorney James Fridie works with parents to help them understand their financial rights and responsibilities in raising their children. If you have questions about how much support you may receive or what finances are considered when determinations are being made, schedule a free initial consultation. (Some exclusions apply.) The firm can be reached online or by calling 856-291-0504.