You Can Trust Us to Guide You Through Divorce

Divorce is a life-altering event. Most legal i-divorcematters are emotional, but divorce and other family law matters heighten preceding emotions and can often lead to poor decision-making from both parties involved. A good Burlington County divorce attorney can take care of the legal details, allowing you to focus on the emotional recovery you need.

Fridie Law Group L.L.C. works with individuals throughout Camden, Burlington County, and central and southern New Jersey to help ensure that their rights are protected throughout the divorce process. Attorney James Fridie knows this can be overwhelming, so he makes himself accessible to answer clients' concerns. He returns phone calls within 36 hours, and he is available to schedule evening and weekend appointments.

Dividing Time With Children - and Money

During divorce, most people are primarily concerned with two things: their assets and their children. People who have spent their lives working, putting money into retirement accounts and building wealth want to know how those assets will be divided. They may also wonder how much money they will be expected to pay in alimony or child support. James Fridie helps individuals with equitable distribution and helps them understand what financial obligations they will have after the divorce.

Most parents are also worried how much time they will be able to spend with their kids, and they have questions about how the court determines custody. The court's primary concern is the best interests of the children, so James Fridie helps clients understand what factors the court might consider.

Dealing With Prenuptial Agreements

If you have a prenuptial agreement, James Fridie can help ensure that those arrangements are followed during the divorce. He provides individuals with an overview of the divorce process, helping them understand how long the process takes and what elements can or should not be compromised on.

We Will Protect Your Interests Throughout the Divorce Process

Schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer who is committed to protecting your best interests throughout divorce. (Some exclusions apply to the free initial consultation offer.) Contact the firm online or call 856-291-0504.