Modifying Your Child Custody Order

If you need to modify an existing family court order, you need an attorney who has experience presenting succinct arguments before a family court judge. The attorney at Fridie Law Group L.L.C. realizes that child custody and support orders can become outdated and may no longer be reasonable.

Additionally, you might be a parent who needs an experienced attorney to help enforce an existing order. Burlington County child custody modification lawyer James Fridie has many years of experience helping parents obtain the money they need for their children.

How to Obtain a Modification

Courts will not grant a modification to a child custody or child support order without seeing that your situation has substantially changed. This is also the case if you are looking to modify alimony payments or visitation agreements. Although everyone's situation presents unique circumstances, common life changes that typically merit modifications include a significant drop in income, a change in your health care needs or a parent's relocation.

It is important to understand that courts might disregard an application to modify an order if it is vague or improperly drafted. Family law attorney James Fridie will work hard to get you the modification you need and will thoroughly prepare a detailed argument for court.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders or Alimony Orders

Not everyone abides by child support or alimony orders even though it is mandatory to do so. At Fridie Law Group L.L.C., we understand that receiving the money you need to care for yourself and your child is very important. Our firm can help you obtain the money you are owed by fighting for:

  • Wage garnishments or wage execution
  • Tax return garnishment
  • Levies against real property
  • Liens against personal property
  • Bank account garnishment

Do You Need Help Modifying or Enforcing Your Orders? Contact Attorney James Fridie Today.

Modifying or enforcing existing child custody or alimony orders can make a huge difference in your life. Contact our Trenton and Burlington County law firm online or call 856-291-0504 for a free consultation. (Some exclusions apply to the free consultation offer.)