Advocacy You Can Depend On

Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

Our practice areas of family, criminal, employment and special education law are unified by a focus on litigation. Whether the court is civil, criminal or administrative, we utilize our litigation experience to pursue your best outcome.

Personalized Client Care

We also have the experience to offer a personalized litigation strategy. That does not always mean preparing for trial. In fact, many clients appreciate that we pursue negotiations outside of court to save them time and money. When children are involved, our alternative dispute resolution strategies may also spare them additional emotional upset.

Smart Litigation Strategy

No matter what situation you are facing, we take the time to listen to your concerns and tailor our advocacy accordingly. In our family law practice, we guide families through divorce, child custody and child support arrangements with compassionate, yet efficient advocacy. In our criminal practice, we counsel both juveniles and adults on the options that will serve both their immediate and long-term needs. In our employment practice, we fight to protect your reputation and help you regain your career footing. In our special education practice, we assist children who are seeking specialized services from their local school district.

Tough Litigation Skills

Our strategy may also include preparing for court. We have litigation experience in both state and federal courts throughout New Jersey. That practical experience allows us to offer streamlined, yet tough advocacy. We have earned the respect of our peers and will make a persuasive presentation in court. In our criminal defense practice, that also includes pursuing favorable resolutions through plea bargaining.

Committed To Your Future

We understand that our clients generally reach out to a lawyer only when they are already facing a situation that requires legal resolution. That's why we focus on providing you peace of mind by answering your phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. With experience and results that speak for themselves, you can leave your case in our capable hands. Trust our experience and schedule a free consultation at our Cinnaminson office today. Call 856-499-0400 or complete our online contact form.