Criminal Defense You Can Trust

The stress and uncertainty of facing criminal charges is something no one should face alone. It is all too easy to make a mistake that could cost you years in jail. Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer by your side can help you make smart choices and present a defense that truly helps you.

We have experience in most of the jurisdictions of the state. Knowing the local courts helps us understand how to approach your case most effectively.

Working With The Right Lawyer Makes A Difference

At Fridie Law Group L.L.C., we offer a strong defense against criminal charges and effective advocacy on related matters such as:

  • Aggravated assault — Depending on the circumstances of the case, aggravated assault charges can carry sentences that include decades of prison. You need a strong defense.
  • Drug crimes — A drug conviction can carry lengthy prison time and other consequences that can follow you for years. Let us fight those charges for you.
  • Driving while suspended — The government takes driving with a suspended license very seriously. Let us help you break the downward spiral of driving while suspended, getting another suspension and then still having to drive.
  • Robbery/theft — We can defend you against all types of theft charges, from shoplifting to robbery or burglary.
  • Weapons possession — Illegal possession of a weapon can carry serious penalties. We know how to take an intelligent approach to your defense.
  • Sexual assault — The stigma of a sex crime conviction can impact so many different aspects of your life. An effective defense is your best choice at avoiding those problems.
  • Terroristic threats/harassment/simple assault — It is too easy for heated moments to spin out of control. If you are facing criminal charges for harassing, threatening or assaulting someone, we can help.
  • Juvenile crimes — Young people deserve a strong defense against juvenile crime charges that can help them avoid having their mistakes ruin their chances of building a good life.
  • Probation violations — Do not make the mistake of taking probation violations lightly. Our firm can help you fight allegations that you violated probation.
  • Parole revocation — No one wants to have to go back to prison after being paroled. We can provide a strong defense that shows you did not violate your parole.
  • Expungements — We can help you put your past behind you with an expungement.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Cinnaminson And Throughout New Jersey

You deserve a strong advocate who will fight for your rights and your future. Turn to Fridie Law Group L.L.C. To schedule an initial consultation, call 856-499-0400 or contact us online.