About Fridie Law Group -- A Personal Commitment To You

Ten years ago, we founded our law firm with a commitment to providing focused client service. Today, we have established a reputation at Fridie Law Group L.L.C. for providing clear, compassionate advocacy in criminal defense, employment disputes, family law and special education matters. That's why so many of our clients are referrals. We provide the advocacy that makes a difference.

We View Our Clients As Individuals, Not Cases

The hallmark of our client-centered approach lies in advocacy geared not only toward the immediate legal issue, but also seeing our clients for the individuals they are. Our starting point is respect. We make time to listen to your concerns, stress and individual situation. Rather than prescribing a single strategy, we want our clients to know all of the legal options available to them. We view our role as helping you make an informed choice about your future.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Time-Tested Litigation Experience

Although you may be facing an emotional issue, our legal advocacy allows you to pursue the strategy that best suits your long-term goals. Even in a very difficult situation, our lawyers will clearly and honestly lay out your options. Once those decisions are made, we get to work pursuing that strategy. With comprehensive advocacy ranging from informal negotiations to alternative dispute resolution methods to courtroom advocacy, we pursue the tactic that will best benefit you.

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No matter how troubling or complex your case is, you deserve effective legal representation. We have the background and litigation experience you will need to protect your legal rights. To schedule an initial consultation, call 856-499-0400 or contact us online.