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As an employer, you know that your employees are critical to the success of your organization. However, they can also contribute to its failures. It only takes one upset worker to file a claim that can lead to stressful and costly disturbances. When faced with a case of employment law, start working with an experienced attorney who can fight for the outcome you need.

No matter what caused your employment dispute, our team at Fridie Law Group LLC is ready to offer knowledgeable legal counsel. We represent employers throughout New Jersey in cases of discrimination, harassment, and other related issues. Discover how we can help you mitigate liability exposure by scheduling a consultation at our office in Voorhees Township, New Jersey. We work with clients statewide, including those located in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Marlton, and Medford. Contact us today to get started.

Issues We Cover

Cases of employment law can involve a wide range of problems. Whether you’ve been accused of violating an employee’s rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or managing a hostile work environment, turn to us for skilled representation. We frequently take on cases involving:

  • Wage and overtime disputes. New Jersey has strict legal requirements for employers when it comes to wages, hours, and overtime pay. That being said, we often handle cases involving employees who are unsatisfied with their compensation. If you’re dealing with wage or overtime problems, let us help you work through them.

  • Workplace discrimination. If one of your employees has filed a claim stating they were discriminated against based on their age, race, gender, religion, national origin, or disability, get in touch with us. We can advise you on how to tactfully navigate these allegations and seek a favorable resolution.

  • Wrongful termination. In many cases, a wrongful termination claim is associated with a larger discrimination claim. Oftentimes, employees claim they were retaliated against for reporting employers who were acting illegally or unethically. We’re well-versed in how to handle these whistleblower cases and are prepared to walk you through your options.

  • Sexual harassment claims. We provide fierce representation to employers who have been accused of sexual harassment. We understand how damaging these claims can be to not only your organization but also to your personal reputation. Discover how we can help you build a case that allows you to move forward.

The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner you can start putting your problems behind you. Get the dedicated advocacy you deserve by contacting us at Fridie Law Group LLC today.

If your employee has made a damaging legal claim, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options.

Strategic Defense for Employers

As a business owner himself, our attorney truly understands the toll an employee accusation can take. That’s why we’ll explore every avenue in order to pursue your ideal outcome. From contract disputes to discrimination claims, we’re ready to help you craft a strong argument against a former — or current — employee.

We know that no two employment law cases are exactly the same. Your business has its own unique needs, which is why we’ll tailor our advice to best fit your situation. Tell us your story today to start building a custom defense strategy.

Put Skilled Advocacy in Your Corner

When your business’s future is threatened by a disgruntled worker, don’t settle for less than intelligent and aggressive representation. Our attorney at Fridie Law Group LLC has years of litigation experience and is ready to put it to work for you.

Schedule a consultation with us today in Voorhees Township, New Jersey. We advocate for employers throughout the area. Tell us when you need dedicated legal counsel in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Marlton, or Medford. We want to help you get your business back on track.