Expunge Your Criminal Record

What is an expungement? In New Jersey, this is the legal procedure for removing a criminal conviction or an arrest so that it is no longer part of someone's permanent or public record. For most serious offenses, the time that must pass before you can apply for an expungement order following a conviction for a crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree is 10 years. However, sometimes you can apply for expungement after five years if you can demonstrate that granting the order is in the public interest.

At Fridie Law Group L.L.C., we help people throughout Camden and Burlington counties and central and southern New Jersey who want to petition for expungement. We have experience successfully navigating this technical process and can help you with the application. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. (Some exclusions apply.)

The Benefits Of Expungements

If an expungement is granted and processed properly, it should erase your criminal offense from public view. This means that employers, credit bureaus and even law enforcement agencies will not be able to find your offense on searchable databases. Your criminal record may be found if you have committed another felony offense and are seeking admission to a diversionary program such as pretrial intervention (PTI) or are seeking employment with the federal or state government, law enforcement, corrections or the judicial system.

Even though your record is not entirely erased, it is for all practical purposes no longer an issue in any of your public or private affairs. In other words, the criminal event for which you were convicted appears like it no longer exists.

This means that on most types of job applications, you may legally and honestly state that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime or offense. Additionally, during any deposition or proceeding where your testimony is given under oath, you may testify without committing perjury that you have never been arrested or convicted unless it is given in the context of employment for law enforcement, corrections or within the court system.

New Jersey also allows you to apply for a gun permit once your record has been expunged unless the order expressly limits your right to possess firearms.

Do You Need Help To Clear Your Criminal Record? We Can Help.

Attorney James Fridie will present your application in the best possible light. He will also prepare you on what you need to do to demonstrate that you no longer pose any risk to the public. He will help you fill out the application, making sure all details are provided and explained. He will also represent you at any hearings or other proceedings that pertain to your expungement petition.

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