Facing A Weapons Charge? You Need An Experienced Lawyer Now.

If you are facing weapons possession charges in New Jersey, then you need to speak with a law firm that has experience defending the rights of people just like you. At Fridie Law Group L.L.C., we understand that facing criminal charges is a serious matter. Attorney James Fridie will treat your case with the care it deserves and will provide you with the representation you need during this difficult time in your life.

Penalties For Unlawful Possession Of A Firearm

New Jersey is tough on guns, and law enforcement is cracking down on people who wrongfully possess firearms. For example, you can be charged with unlawful possession of a weapon in the third degree if you have in your possession an aerosol gun or any spring-loaded firearm. You can be found guilty and face jail time even if you have zero prior weapons-related convictions and a clean criminal history.

In these instances, Burlington County criminal defense attorney James Fridie will fight for your freedom and work hard to help you avoid a conviction and possible jail time. This might include a pretrial intervention diversionary program that involves a period of community service and probation.

For those facing multiple convictions, it is important to analyze whether police followed proper procedures during their arrest and whether any of their rights were violated. With some firearms possession charges carrying a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, it is extremely important to have a skilled criminal lawyer on your side.

Contact An Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing any gun-related charges, including possession of an illegal weapon, then you need to make sure you speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Contact our criminal defense law firm online or call 856-499-0400 to schedule your free initial consultation today. (Some exclusions apply to the free initial consultation offer.) We help people in Trenton and central and southern New Jersey.