Offering Complete Family Law Legal Services

At Fridie Law Group L.L.C., our family law practice is designed to help you no matter what legal issue your family may be facing. Many clients come to us seeking legal representation in divorce, including corollary issues such as alimony, child custody, child support and property division negotiations. Yet our comprehensive advocacy also includes many other issues, including:

  • Domestic violence/restraining orders — We represent people who need the protection of a restraining order as well as those who have been unfairly accused. Our understanding of the issues that surround domestic violence and what is necessary to secure or oppose a restraining order allow us to offer our clients real help they can depend on.
  • Emancipation — Children are not automatically emancipated at 18 years of age. This can create problems regarding child support. We can help.
  • Modification and enforcement — When your family court order needs to be modified or enforced, we can help the court understand what needs to be done and why.
  • Parental relocation — When a custodial parent wants to move away, it can have a major impact on the child's life. We can advocate for the right to relocate as well as build strong cases opposing parental relocation.

Taking Time To Answer All Of Your Questions

We understand that you will have many questions. This may be the first time you have dealt with a particular family situation. Accordingly, we take our role as legal counselor to heart. We will make sure that you understand the choices you have under the law and the legal process by which the court will determine those rights.

Working Together For A Smoother Transition

Although you may not be able to control the court's timetable for scheduling hearings, you can direct your legal strategy. This is why it is so important to choose an experienced family law attorney. Together, we will set a course that protects your legal rights and is right for you and your family.

Chart A Clear Course For Your Family Law Issue

Find out today how our family law practice can positively impact the direction of your case. Schedule a free consultation at our Cinnaminson office by completing our online contact form or calling 856-499-0400.