Taking Quick Action On Your Behalf

When clients come to us with a domestic violence concern, the attorneys at Fridie Law Group L.L.C. know how to take quick action. A timely response is necessary because the court's timetable in these matters is expedited.

Representing You Domestic Violence Hearings

In a domestic violence matter, an individual may apply for a restraining order. This is a temporary civil order that the court issues to protect an alleged victim from further harm. It does not result in the accused having a criminal record. It is also followed by a hearing scheduled within 10 days of the order. Both parties have the opportunity to present their side of the story at that hearing. The purpose of this hearing is for the court to determine whether the evidence warrants granting of a final restraining order.

Safeguarding Your Related Family Interests

A temporary restraining order is issued as a safeguard. Unlike the final restraining order, it does not reflect the court's considered analysis of the case. Nevertheless, even the temporary restraining order has some short-term consequences. The filer who obtains the restraining order generally also obtains temporary custody of minor children.

Seeing Both Sides Of The Issue

Our extensive experience in litigation means that we have represented parties on both sides of this issue. That allows us to quickly evaluate the merits of the evidence. We are sensitive to the victim's need for a restraining order, which justifies the court's temporary intervention. At the same time, we are not sympathetic to claims that lack merit. In a divorce case, it is not it is not unheard of for one party to make unsupported allegations of domestic violence as a divorce tactic.

Representing You In Any Related Criminal Filings

Domestic violence issues intersect both our family and criminal law practice areas. A victim seeks a restraining order from the family law court. However, he or she may simultaneously file a criminal complaint for simple assault. In both forums, our comprehensive representation will protect you. Contact an experienced domestic abuse attorney today. We are located in Cinnaminson, and we offer a free initial consultation. Call 856-499-0400 or contact us online.